In addition to our evaluation services we provide an extensive inventory of actuarial testing used to collect reliable data to support our conclussions in any forum

Industry Consultation
Our psychiatric experts are also available by phone for consultation to discuss your legal medical case and our services are precisely assigned for each individual case. Independent Psychiatric Evaluations (IME), Inc. provides direction and expert knowledge coupled with adherence to each customer's requirements.

Work related issues

IMEs resolve attendance management issues

When the doctor reports are lacking useful information, and the medical process frustrates your need for clarification, an IME quickly identifies, investigates and defines the issues.

We are your unbiased expert medical second opinion
We are licenced, MD, PhD, experts and deeply experienced in determining medico-psychiatric truth from medical evidence.

An IME has the trust of all
Early resolution of issues surrounding illness or injury are in the best interests of all parties. With an IME, you and your employee have independent, expert opinion that transcends adversarial positions and guides resolution. In short, you have what everyone needs to know.

How you get full value from an IME
You get from an IME, literally, what you ask for. As the requesting party, the questions you ask to be resolved determine the value of the IME as an instrument of resolution.


Anger Management


Claims analysts capacitation

We have extensive experience in teaching claims managers and analysts in understanding psychiatric issues by lectures and other means.  This has proved to be extremely helpful in the initial analysis of a claim

Claims Medical record reviews
Psychiatric record reviews by our experts can assist in early assessments of your case, preventing fraud from costing hundreds of dollars of unnecessary and costly treatments.

Court Testimony

Expert Fellowship trained physician witnesses are available for live testimony or depositions and will meet the time frame or deadlines involved.



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